Friday, January 4, 2008

Places for Families to Visit

Places for families to visit do not have to be far from home, or a hardship on our budget. Spending time together is the most important thing about excursions away from home. A visit to the zoo can be within an hour's drive, or you could set up a block party that everyone in the neighborhood could attend. Planning can be the key to having a good time as a family.

The first month of the new year would be a great time for your family to set an evening aside for planning on trips and vacations for the next twelve months. Get a new calendar, some popcorn and soft drinks, and make the activity itself one the whole family can enjoy together. This will give everyone a chance to make plans for some of the things that will need to be 'saved up' for.

Get a brochure or tour guide of your state, and plan trips and things to do by utilizing all it has within it. These can usually be picked up at state parks or from tourism centers in towns and cities. These guides will list cities and towns all around your state with places of interest and costs, restaurants, motels, and many other interesting facts. A trip to your own local tourism or chamber of commerce office will surprise you with places to visit in your own county that you may not know exist.

Children of today are losing out on some of the values that those of twenty to forty years ago grew up with in their families. Computers, cars and other items are things that children of early eras did not have of their own. Some homes had only radios to find out what was going on in the world around them back then. With computers and cable TV, we now have the opportunity to see first hand, right now what is happening 8,000 miles away from where we live.

The values and morals of yesteryear can be taught to our children today; but we need to be creative in how to work them into the busy lifestyles we now lead. Starting early by getting children involved in saving money, and planning for things they want and need, is a good way to teach them important things that will matter to them all of their lives.

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