Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Party Favors

When you plan a party of any kind, allowing the guests to take something home will make it extra special to them. The favors can be as elaborate or simple as you like. If you are entertaining a group of ladies, you could fill small vases with flowers for them to take home. Filling ivy bowls with homemade candies would be a treat for them too. Make simple place cards for each seat, or you could make them elaborate enough for your guests to take home as a favor.

Shop at party stores for things to make favors with for everyone to have. Or make something for each individual that is different for each one attending. Making the favor yourself will add to the personalization of the gift from you.

A peppermint candy cane with a bow and name tag on it can be used for a Christmas party. Use a tea light candle and holder with a name tag sticking out from the bottom for an evening party. This will allow a time frame to be established. A party that lasts too long can become boring for those attending. The tea lights will allow the hostess to know when to move guests to another room for entertainment too.

At a child's party, you may want the guests to take part in making their own favors to take home. Keep it simple, and allow time for everyone to finish the activity.

Party favors add to the function, and make it a special time for everyone to remember.

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